11 Comments to PHP Advanced Login Form with Admin and User Fetures

  • benbodhi says:

    this is awesome, so very helpful!
    Thankyou for posting this.

    I just would like to know how a few more fields to my register form and have it log in the table for example… i would like clients that register to provide business name, business number, business address, phone number and website to be able to register.

    i love this script and would like to include this in it.
    any help is greatly appreciated.

    thankyou kindly,

  • Darknight says:

    I’ve seen a video in youtube from this website, Can you send me the code i saw in the video?


  • leehant says:

    hey, i just tried your code. it’s really cool. but is there a way to let new registred user Locked first, and give the Admin Center an option to virify new users and unlock (Activet) them?

  • Trimbak Ghare says:

    I like this script

    its very nice
    thanks lot

  • Inspector says:

    Perfect script its all I need but what name has the database. i cant find the information for that.

  • Barrett Palmer says:

    What do you mean?

  • Inspector says:

    how shall i call my database that the script can works with that; that there is a connection…sry for my bad english, im german. i couldn’t upload an image showing the problem i tried gif, jpg and png.

  • Krystyna93 says:

    Hi Barret,

    I was hoping to know if this advanced script is not vulnerable to XSS injections or mysql injections like
    the other ‘PHP register and login form’ you had created.


  • Barrett Palmer says:

    Email it to me barrett@rrpowered.com

  • Barrett Palmer says:

    This script is not vulnerable to XSS injections or Mysql injections.

  • Jags Gill says:

    hello I am having real problems the because the whole thing is covered in parse errors for me
    I using xampp with mysql. Is the demo exactly the same as the code above. I added the database connections. Do you have any suggestions

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