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List of Icon Fonts

Icon Fonts are very cool. They can only be a solid color, but with that aside, they are still awesome! I will list several sets.

IcoMoon Icomoon IcoMoon is by far my favorite. It’s not only a set of open source icons, it is also a a web app for customizing and downloading optimized icon fonts. You choose what icons you want in a set and download that minimized set.
You can also add font from different sets or add icons from SVG files by simply using the built in drag-and-drop. 500+ Icons

Entypo Entypo Entypo icon set is a carefully crafted pictograms. 250+ Icons

Pictos Pictos Pictos has infinitely scalable icons for designers. 600+ Icons

Symbolset Symbolset Symbolset is designed by Mike Fortress, a NYC designer at Oak Studios and a Type@Cooper scholar. 1000+ Icons

Modern Pictograms Modern Pictograms Modern Pictograms 130 Icons

iconSweets2 iconSweets2 iconSweets2 designed for all your iPhone, iPad & Android apps or new web projects! 1000+ Icons

Socialcons Socialcons Socialcons is your place for icons of your favorite social networks. 1000+ Icons

Foundation Icons Zurb Foundation Foundation Icon Fonts 45+ Icons

Font Awesome Font Awesome Icons designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap. 150+ Icons

Steedicons Steedicons Nice looking icon set. 94 Icons


There you have it – a list of quality icon sets to use for your next project. I will be adding more in future articles.
I hope this helps you.


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