jQuery Facebook Dialog Plugin – FBDialog

Today we will learn how to use FBDialog, a jQuery Facebook dialog Plugin.

It functions just like the one on Facebook and is made to look like the latest Facebook Dialog, using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery 2.1.0.


Include the latest jQuery library, the fbdialog.css and the FBDialog plugin.

As a chained jQuery function, you can call the fbdialog() function on a jQuery element and a modal dialog will be displayed using the contents of that element. For example:


Replace options text in the plugin with the option listed below.

The title, cancel button, okay button’s text can be changed. Okay button and cancel button can be removed from dialog. The opacity and dialog top position can be changed using the dialog option.

Below is a list of the plugin options:

Callback functions

Use the callback function to know when the Okay button or Cancel button are clicked.


Closing the dialog

You can use a id or class for the element selector. Example below:

Use the code below to close the dialog with a class or id. The plugin uses jQuery’s on method instead of click method because the id or class used on the link for closing of the dialog are added after the DOM has loaded.

Inside the on method’s function, simply add the id or class selector of the dialog with the option close: true


A simple jQueryFacebook Dialog plugin. I hope you find this plugin useful.


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