SSL Certificate Installation in Apache

How to install an SSL Certificate on an Apache server in 5 minutes.

1. Find the Apache config file to edit.

The location and name of this file may be different on your server. Your configuration files are typically found in /etc/httpd. The configuration file is usually named httpd.conf. Sometimes you will find the blocks in their own files under a directory /etc/httpd/vhosts.d/ or /etc/httpd/sites/ or in a file called ssl.conf. To find yourhttpd.conf, simply use this code: Now add these lines to your file. Your file should look like this:

2. Change the names of the files and paths to match your certificate files:

  1. SSLCertificateFile should be your primary certificate file for your domain name.
  2. SSLCertificateKeyFile should be the key file generated when you created the CSR.
  3. SSLCertificateChainFile should be the intermediate certificate file (if any) that was supplied by your certificate authority.
File structure:  

3. Save the changes.

Now, before restarting the server, we will check for errors first. If no errors are found, we will get Syntax Ok.

4. Restart your Apache web server using one of the following commands:

Now, go to and check to see if it works.

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