How to send text messages with PHP

Sending a text message (SMS) is easier than you think.
When sending a text message to a cellphone with PHP, an email is sent to the carrier like this:phoneNumber@carrierDomain, rather than a text message.
How it works:
1. The message is composed using a web application on an HTTP server that is sent as an email through the internet to a Short Message Service Gateway (SMS Gateway).
2. The SMS Gateway converts the message from an email message to a SMS message.
3. The message is sent to a Short Message Service Center (SMSC), and is then transmitted over the wireless network to the recipient.


To send a text message, we will be using PHP’s mail function for sending emails.
  The code below will send a text message to 5558349324 with the message “Test SMS” and the sender is RRPowered.
This is a fairly straightforward method.

Mobile carrier list



Easier than you thought, right? A lot of people assume text messaging has its own protocol, but in fact it doesn’t.
I hope you find this useful in your projects.

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